About Me

My name is Arun Nair and on this site, you will find all my sketches and paintings done for fun or as a part of my design career.

Did I say I love eating too? :)

Did I say I love eating too?

I have self-taught all the skills that you see in my drawing. Japanese anime has been a major influence in my themes. I like the style of the poses, the blowing hair and the sharp noses. I try to bring that aspect into all my works whether it be drawing a super-hero, a spiritual story or my friends.

Drawing is a hobby and that is where I dream and go often. I used to work full time as an engineer before, but now have decided to have a career change and follow my heart which is taking me deeper and deeper into the design field. I have a diploma of graphic design from Billy Blue college of Design, Melbourne, and have recently graduated in Bachelor of Digital Media design from the same college. I am looking forward to establish firm roots in the graphic/digital media industry.

I love to fine tune my spiritual knowledge side by side as that balance, I believe, is vital to a simple and happy living. On top of everything else, I just love various delicious vegetarian cuisine!

Have fun!