About ME!


Hi, I am Arun Nair, a self-taught artist. For years, drawing was just a hobby, but I often found myself dreaming about making it a reality. It was when I was working full time as an engineer, that I decided to follow my heart so I changed my career, scary but exciting!


About ME!

I received my diploma in graphic design from Billy Blue College of Design, Melbourne and more recently graduated as a Bachelor of Digital Media Design from the same college. I am looking forward to establishing firm roots in the graphic/digital media industry. Hence, my website!

Japanese anime has been a major influence in my themes, mainly because I like the style of the poses, the blowing hair and chiseled features, not forgetting the awesome energy some of the characters exhibit! I try to bring a combination of these elements into all of my works, whether it be drawing a super-hero, a spiritual story, or my just my friends.

“I love to fine tune my spiritual knowledge alongside my art; this balance I believe is vital to simple and happy living.”

On top of everything else, I just love various delicious vegetarian cuisine!! 🙂 Thank you for your time, have fun & enjoy!

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‘Art is my life – 2018’