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It’s COOL too… Share my work that’s on any of my social media platforms, and to pass comments or feedback. (I’m nervous… but, I can handle it!) – Commission me to do some work for you, and get the correct licence!* 🙂 Have my work on public display!* (Woohoo!) and of course… Buy my work* (Come on… You know you want too!)

It’s NOT COOL to… Break any terms and conditions in regard to any intellectual or creative property aspects, both on this site and via any external site without permission. Pricing for personal use is completely different from that of commercial use; usage conditions for commercial purposes may be limited or prohibited, unless it has been agreed and permitted – violation of this is not cool; and you will be prone to the Law’s of the Universe. (As well as Earth law’s!)

‘Art is my life – 2018’