‘The Leviathan Rises!’


“When I saw the theme, I didn’t want to literally draw a whale – It had to be something more deadly and epic than that… so the Legendary Leviathan creature fits the bill nicely!”

#Inktober Day 12 | Theme – Whale!


‘The Leviathan Rises!’

Arun Arts

Over the last year, I have been collaborating on and developing various new projects this last year, which I will be finally unveiling! Stay tuned!

Crowdfund Me!

‘The Leviathan Rises!’

Limited Edition – Comic

I will be launching a crowdfunding campaign shortly to be able to finish my comic, which I’m going to be making a limited edition for the supporters that help me achieve my goal.

I have been collaborating & developing  various new projects with my new superhero team, that I will be unveiling later this year! To support us with kind words or to give us a donation, please use the link below. Many Thanks!